Answering FAQs about PrepaidCardStatus

I must say, PrepaidCardStatus has kind of a smaller advantage over usual credit and debit cards because they are not actually linked to a bank account. But on the brighter side of stuff, accessing an online account and checking your balance on it has been made really easy by PrepaidCardStatus. Even if you have a really low bank balance, you will still be eligible to get access to such cards.

Most of you guys have a lot of questions regarding PrepaidCardStatus and today, I am going to try to answer a few of them. Without any further ADO, let’s get into the FAQs about PrepaidCardStatus. 



  1. Can a PrepaidCardStatus card be used as an ATM card? 

Yes, you can absolutely use the PrepaidCardStatus card as an ATM card or at the ATM. But the only thing that shouldn’t be done is using it as a gift card. 

  1. Why are PrepaidCardStatus cards used? 

You can typically use it wherever a money transfer is necessary. It doesn’t matter if you are buying a gift, paying bills, doing some online shopping, making a few transactions, or just making a few insurance claims, PrepaidCardStatus cards will come in handy. 

  1. How can I activate that PrepaidCardStatus account? 

It’s actually really simple, all you need to do is first visit the official website of PrepaidCardStatus which is, and then enter your CVV number as well as the PrepaidCardStatus card number. When you are done doing that, the PrepaidCardStatus account will be activated within a few minutes. 

  1. What should I do if I’ve lost my PrepaidCardStatus card?

If you have lost your PrepaidCardStatus card, there’s nothing to worry about, just chill out. Contact the PrepaidCardStatus customer support number and ask them to block your card. It’s that simple, the customer support expert will be able to do that within minutes. 

  1. Are there spending limits on PrepaidCardStatus card?

Technically speaking, you do have a spending limit because you can only spend the amount of money you have in your PrepaidCardStatus account. But you can just spend as much as you want unless you go broke on the PrepaidCardStatus account. 

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